Shipping Policies

This document specifies the shipping policies valid for the website . Therefore, it is assumed that when purchasing any of our products or services, the customer accepts the terms, conditions and delivery policies detailed below.

  1. Shipping system

M3D Studios is a platform specialized in 3D modeling, we do not do 3D printing. Only digital 3D files can be downloaded in .STL format .

Therefore, all products or services on the website They are sent or delivered digitally. Once payment has been made and confirmed, the files will be available for download.

  • 3D file format

Through this platform we do not sell physical (real) objects or products, but rather 3D graphics files, in .STL , to be used in 3D software.

  • Delivery time

Once the purchase is completed any day of the week, M3D Studios processes the delivery of the 3D model immediately and directly for download. The delivery of 3D files has no additional cost, since they are sent digitally.