Refund Policies

Effective from date: January 15, 2023.

M3D Studios is responsible for controlling the quality of the models sold on the website , so if any exceptional inconvenience occurs, do not hesitate to write to us to solve your problem.

Before purchasing the 3D model, remember to verify that it is the correct model and in the available format (we only have files in .STL format ). 

It is assumed that when purchasing any of our products or services on the website , the customer accepts the terms, conditions and refund policies detailed in this document.

M3D Studios is dedicated to providing a personalized service for its clients. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund under the following conditions:

      1. Dispute resolution

    Once the purchase and download of the 3D model has been completed, if the customer observes that the file is incomplete, is missing some part, the file has errors, or is not found in the download link; 

    You must contact M3D Studios immediately .

    Through emails:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    If within 3 days the client does not receive a response or resolution to their problem from M3D Studios , the corresponding money will be returned. After receiving the money, you must completely delete all copies of the model and its related files.

        • Refund Policies process

      Customers can request a refund in case the 3D model does not correspond to the product information. Customers are only eligible for a refund if we are notified within 24 hours of purchasing any file on the website.

      Also, the client has the right to request a refund if the 3D model does not correspond to the renders shown on the website.

      Once you have noticed this, please send an email to:

      [email protected]

      [email protected]

      Specifying the model by its link on the site. If management finds your complaints reasonable, you will be refunded.

      After receiving the money, you must completely delete all copies of the model and its related files. We require that you sign a binding document stating that you no longer have the rights to use or retain any of the purchased files.

          • Estimated refund time

        The refund will be credited directly to the bank account you used to pay for your order, within 7 business days. You will receive a confirmation email validating the refund.

            • Refund denied

          If management deems your return requests to be unreasonable, your refund will be denied. Nor, if you are purchasing a file to convert to another format, or if a 3D model does not contain additional formats.

          Likewise, your refund process will be denied if after purchasing and downloading the 3D model, you change your mind and do not want it, or if you purchase an item in error.

          Therefore, if you have any concerns about the 3D models you are considering purchasing, we advise you to contact us before purchasing. We are committed to providing you with all the information possible so that you can obtain the right product for your needs.