Darth Vader Female Star Wars


Darth Vader Female Star Wars 3D print STL

Fan Art 

George Lucas

The Walt Disney Company

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Darth Vader Female Star Wars 3D print STL it is a Digital Product for 3D printing.

  • This is the 3D collectible you need; it was modeled with high precision.
  • The statue has correct details, without a doubt the most accurate digital file on the mark
  • This collectible is split for easy printing.
  • Ready to print in parts.
  • Model made and sculpted in: Zbrush.
  • The file format is: STL.
  • At M3D Studios the STL files are verified and tested.

We hope you like it!

Mainly, Star Wars is an American fantastic franchise of: cinematography, novels, video games, series, comics, role-playing games, and toys.
Now, its creator was George Lucas in 1970.
Likewise, since 2012 they are produced and distributed by The Walt Disney Company.
In particular, Star Wars are science fiction movies, and they relate the experiences that a group of people have in a fictional galaxy.
Which are related to elements such as the so-called Force (metaphysical and omnipresent energy field).
This force has two sides. The light side, used by the Jedis.
In short, these Jedis are driven by: nobility, justice and wisdom,
On the other hand, there is the dark side, used by the Sith.
On the contrary, in Star Wars, these are induced by: fear, despair, anger and hatred.
Similarly, Darth Vader Female, is a lady, clone type of Jedi Padawan and Dathomiri Witch Minafe Felis.
Also, she served the Galactic Empire.


Nayibe Pernia


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Darth Vader Female Star WarsDarth Vader Female Star Wars