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Aura Bella Fiora chibi


Aura Bella Fiora chibi 3D print STL

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Aura Bella Fiora chibi 3D print STL it is a Digital Product for 3D printing.

  • This is the 3D collectible you need; it was modeled with high precision.
  • The statue has correct details, without a doubt the most accurate digital file on the mark
  • This collectible is split for easy printing.
  • Ready to print in parts.
  • Model made and sculpted in: Zbrush.
  • The file format is: STL.
  • At M3D Studios the STL files are verified and tested.

We hope you like it!

Primarily, Overlord is a Japanese light novel series, which was serialized online in 2010.
However, in 2012 more volumes were published.
In addition, it is written by Kugane Maruyama, and illustrated by So bin.
Similarly, it has its manga adaptation, but with illustrations by Hugin Miyama.
It began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten’s Seinen Comp As magazine in 2014.
Also, Overlord has its anime adaptation, produced by Madhouse in 2015.
In particular, the original plot is located in the shutdown and shutdown of the Yggdrasil (MMORPG) server.

Therefore, the main protagonist, Ainz Ooal Gown Momonga, concludes that he does not want to leave the game.
Without a doubt, he tells how the world continues despite the blackout, along with the non-player characters (NPC).
Furthermore, these NPCs begin to conceive emotions and live a life according to what they want.

In particular, Aura Bella Fiora chibi is a dark elf girl, who is responsible for guarding the sixth floor, located in the Great Tomb of Nazarick.
Ultimately, she is a tamer and controller of magical beasts.
Furthermore, Aura Bella Fiora chibi has a twin sister named: Mare Bello Fiore. The creator of it was Bukubukuchagama.


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Aura Bella Fiora chibiAura Bella Fiora chibi