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Amethyst Steven Universe 3D print STL it is a Digital Product for 3D printing.

  • This is the 3D collectible you need; it was modeled with high precision.
  • The statue has correct details, without a doubt the most accurate digital file on the market.
  • This collectible is split for easy printing.
  • Ready to print in parts.
  • Model made and sculpted in: Zbrush.
  • The file format is: STL.
  • At M3D Studios the STL files are verified and tested.

We hope you like it!

Primarily, Cartoon Network is a short film and animation studio, which is based in Burbank, California.
Also, it originated in 1994. It is owned by Warner Bros.
Now, since its launch, the company has produced various well-known series, such as: The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Adventure Time and Steven Universe.
Regarding, Steven Universe is an animated television series, originated by Rebecca Sugar.
Similarly, its launch was in 2013, in the United States.
On the other hand, it is characterized by being the first Cartoon Network series created by a woman.
In particular, Steven Universe has several seasons and a movie released in 2019.
Likewise, the original plot is located in a fictional town of Beach City, where a boy named Steven has powers through his gem.
Now, in this town, there are also three aliens with superpowers.
Their names are: Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet.
Ultimately, Steven’s goal is to learn to control his powers, complete missions and thereby defend humanity.
On the other hand, Peridot is an antagonistic character from Steven Universe.
However, as the television series elapses, she joins the Crystal Gems.


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Amethyst Steven UniverseAmethyst Steven Universe