About us?

We are a company focused on the creation and distribution of free 3D models and 3D models for commercial use at great prices and high quality, in .STL format. All our models are guaranteed 3D printable.

Likewise, all the .STl files available on this page are created exclusively by our team.

About us M3D Studios originated in 2019 and is intended for personal and market use (printing only).

We also have complete services for: custom models, keys and cuts, caps and renders.

In particular, if you have your 3D models and don’t have the necessary cutouts to print them in parts and then assemble them, don’t worry; We can do the same for very affordable prices.

Likewise, we work with 3D modeling of objects, parts and the industrial.

Also, we render your 3D models in high quality, we have good equipment to process the required images.

About M3D Studios Creators

Nayibe Pernia

3D Modeling

Mario Pernia

3D Modeling

Génesis Romero

3D Modeling

Gabriel García